Permanent Brows

Permanent make up, also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing and microblading is where colour is implanted into the skin with a tool such as a microblade or a needle. At our salon, we use a needle with a digital machine, rather than microblading as we feel it is less traumatic to the skin and a variety of beautiful effects can be achieved with the machine.


Permanent make up is serious commitment. After all, your face is the one part of you that everyone sees. Therefore, when Gemma decided to train in permanent make up, she knew she had to learn from the best and choose quality over cost. She trained with Layla Hinchen Permanent Make up & Training  in Essex after following and admiring her work over the years, also becoming a member of the PMU Circle, founded by Layla where she will have continued education and training on all things PMU from worldwide PMU Educators, Artists and Masters.

Gemma's aim is to produce high quality work with natural soft finishes and minimal trauma. She  qualified in tattoo brows in February 2020, is fully insured and licensed,  receiving a 4 out of 4 tattoo hygiene rating from Wiltshire Council.

At the salon, you will receive a full consultation, professional advice and a colour and shape tailored to you. Gemma's aim is to give you a gorgeous set of natural  brows to suit your face shape and bring balance to your overall face.

Your shape is carefully mapped out and amended until you are 100% happy. The same applies to the pigment which is carefully matched to your skin tone and agreed before we proceed.


The digital machine produces beautifully crisp natural looking hairstrokes or a lovely soft shading to look like powder, depending on your desired brow.


The procedure isn't painful, but may feel scratchy in some areas. You may find it quite relaxing whilst you lie down.


The procedure is a two stage process. As the pigment is gently placed in the two top layers of skin (which is only about 2mm), you will need to return 6-8 weeks later for a top up and again after 12-18 months for a colour boost.

You will be provided with the best aftercare products which not only soothe the skin, but help with healing. 

If you have any questions, or would like a consultation, please book in online. This is completely FREE and Gemma can talk through any concerns you may have.

Feel free to take a look around at Gemma's work on Facebook or  Instagram.

Brows & Prices

All brows are currently £250.

I currently offer a 3 part payment option to make this affordable for you. £50 deposit on booking, £150 on the day and £50 on your 6 week retouch appointment.

Dusty BROW

A shaded powder brow. Choose from a  light dusty powder behind your natural brow or a more defined and  dense dusty  brow.


Choose from soft and fluffy hairstrokes, or crisp hairstrokes depending on preference and skin type imitating natural brow hair.


Also known as a combination brow. Hairstrokes at the front blending to a defined powder effect throughout the body of the brow.

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