In light of the recent pandemic, new measures have to be carried out to prevent the spread of the disease in the studio.

Please read carefully before booking.

  • If you develop a new persistent cough, loss of sense of smell or taste, or a high temperature or if anyone in your family has presented symptoms, even if mild, please isolate and cancel your appointment immediately. Cancelling will not incur any charges if due to these reasons. If you arrive unwell, your treatment will not be carried out. If you have had these symptoms, do not book in for 14 days at least.

  • Please DO NOT arrive at your appointment early to minimise risk of coming into contact with another client. 

  • Appointments will be spread out with time in between each client to thoroughly clean the studio and equipment to minimise infection.

  • Please just bring your essential to the studio such as your keys and phone. When you enter you can place them in the allocated dish, and wash hands with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.  Hand sanitiser will also be available. 

  • The government guidelines have now stated that is it MANDATORY to wear a face covering. Please bring your own, ensuring it is clean. If you don`t have one, I can supply one for £2.00.

  • If you tend to get cold, please wear an extra jumper. I will not be using blankets at this time.

  • No food or drink is permitted in the studio.

  • Please do not bring anyone with you to the studio. 

  • Please pay for your appointment online via the booking app before you arrive or pay by card in the studio. Cash will no longer be accepted at this time. 

  • The studio is always kept to a high standard of hygiene but extra precautions will be carried out to ensure there is no chance of spreading germs. I will be wearing PPE for every treatment which is changed between clients with extra hand washing. All furniture and equipment will be disinfected between clients.

  • Unfortunately as PPE prices have increased considerably, I will be adding £2.00 to your treatments to cover costs. 

  • I have undertaken extra training regarding COVID-19 so that I am fully aware of all the risks. Everything will be in place for you to keep you safe and I will  follow guidelines from the NHS and government continuously. Otherwise you will still get the same enjoyable service and I look forward to seeing you soon!!